How to service Epson L120 can’t pull paper

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When the L120 printer is used to print, the paper does not want to be pulled or commonly called a paper jam printer. the Epson L120 printer cannot pull paper when it prints.

The paper is stuck in place and there is no roller rotation on this L120 printer pulling roller, or sometimes the pull is not perfect.

Causes of Epson L120 Printers Cannot Pull Paper:
1. Something was stuck on the paper pulling part, maybe a scrap of paper, a paper clip, or something else.
2. There is damage to the Paper Puller Bottom Roller, where this roller often breaks per inside.

How to service Epson L120 can’t pull paper:
1. Open the printer cover
2. Check for any objects that are stuck on the paper pulling section
3. Replace the Epson L120 Paper Puller Bottom Roller
4. After the replacement is complete, please test print.

Good luck, I hope that the L120 problem cannot be solved

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