How to Repair a Canon iP2770 Error 5100 Printer

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Still about the printer, after we know the Position of the Color Place on the PIXMA IP 2770 CL-811 Cartridge and the Color Spot Position on the Cartridge, our HP continues to solve the Error 5100 problem on the printer.

Error 5100 on the Canon iP2770 Printer can also occur in other types of Canon printers such as Canon iP1200 printers, Canon iP1700 printers, Canon iP1200 printers, Canon iP1880 printers, Canon iP1980 printers, Canon MP series printers that have scanners such as Canon MP145 printers, printers canon MP258, Canon MP287 printer, Canon MP237 printer, also Canon MX377 printer series and many more.

Indication of Error 5100 on Canon iP2770 printer damage is indicated by:
1. The printer on the monitor shows an Error 5100 warning.
2. The lamp resumes and the power blinking light (blinks) alternates 1 time
3. The cause of Error 5100 on a Canon iP2770 printer is almost the same as the Epson General Error printer.
4. The cause of error 5100 on a Canon printer is not only 1 possibility.

Error 5100 problems on Canon iP2770 printers often occur because the mechanical movement of the printer is interrupted, because:
1. The IV hose interferes with the cartridge housing, the IV hose is too short
2. A mechanical gear box is broken
3. There may be objects that enter the mechanical parts that interfere with the printer’s working system.

Solution to repair a Canon iP2770 printer Error 5100:
1. If the problem is with the IV hose, then trim the IV hose so that it does not disturb the movement of the printer cartridge house.
2. If there are broken mechanical parts, repair them if possible.
3. If there are objects that enter the printer, the printer needs to be unloaded looking for objects that block the mechanical movement of the printer.

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