How to Overcome Printer Damage and Repair (Alone)

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Having electronic goods, especially printers, or often dealing with and using printers for personal, business, office or other purposes, sometimes having various problems with the printer. From the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Problems and trouble often or have ever happened to your printer / friend. If it’s still lay it must be confused right. Maybe some problems or damage The following printer often happens:

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For trouble or dotted writing problems on printed results The printer can be of two kinds, namely:
Because the printer ink has run out
Because the ink on the surface of the cartridge hole freezes (or worse it can cause the printer to not remove ink at all)

Well, here are the steps to overcome the freezing cartridge that you can do:

Click File -> Print -> Properties -> Maintenance -> Cleaning

  • Do this several times
  • After that check the cleaning results by clicking “Nozzle check”
  • If the results of the line are not intermittent (such as the sample print from the software), it has succeeded in fixing printer problems.

But if the method above doesn’t work, you can do deep cleaning by clicking “Deep Cleaning”.

  • Deep cleaning and cleaning functions to pump out ink on the surface of the cartridge hole. But don’t do this too often, just do it as needed. Because ink can make or automatically run out quickly.

If the two methods above still don’t work too, here are other ways you can do:

  • Open the printer cover and take the cartridge
  • Soak the bottom of the cartridge in hot water for a few minutes
  • Let the ink that comes out of the cartridge hole in the bowl (melt the frozen ink printer earlier)
  • After a while, dry the bottom of the cartridge using a tissue
  • If you need to drain the ink in the cartridge first by using a syringe (This can be done because usually the ink in the cartridge has been injected with water so that the color issued is not maximal)
  • Please do refilling the ink because it has already been released and dissolved with water
  • After that, reinstall the catrige into the printer
  • complete

Printer Cannot Print

There are several possibilities that cause the printer to not be able to print, for example:

Printer Connection

  • Check the printer connection with the electricity network
  • Make sure the printer power cable is plugged into the connector (electrical socket) perfectly

Printer Switch

  • Make sure the printer “on-off” switch or printer switch button is in the “on” position
  • The problem is not the power for the printer is usually marked by an LED (indicator light) is not lit, as long as the printer uses an LED for the power indicator.

USB cable
Printer Works No Print Results on Paper

This case is generally caused by empty ink or printer toner or carbon depletion in the printer ribbon.

  • Try to replace ink, toner or printer ribbons with new ones
  • Don’t forget to check if there is something blocking the head with paper (for example SEAL plastic on a new printer)
  • There are cases in printers that use ink, where the ink that is still in the printer head is dry because the old printer has not been used

Especially for printers whose head can be removed easily, this problem can sometimes be solved in the following simple way:

  • Remove the head and cartridge from the printer.
  • Separate the ink cartridge from the head.
  • Make sure you don’t hold the electronic circuit around the printer head that has been removed because it can damage it.
  • Take hot water, pour it in a bowl.
  • Dip the tip of the head into the hot water in the bowl. Notice, don’t let the water touch the electronic circuit around the head because it can damage it!
  • Shake the head until the ink inside the head melts.
  • Repeat the dyeing steps (4 to 6) above with new hot water until the new hot water remains clear (not contaminated with ink coming out of the head).
  • Dry the head with a soft cloth until it is completely dry.
  • Reunite the ink cartridge with the head. It is recommended to use a cartridge that is still new.
  • Put the head and cartridge back into the printer and try to print.

If you have done the steps of cleaning the head as above but the results remain the same, the possibility of blockage occurs until the part of the ink distribution pipe.
If this happens, try to steam the ink canal head with hot steam until about the ink in the pipe melts, then repeat the head cleaning steps as above.

Incomplete Print Pages / Strange Printed Characters

This case can be caused by several things. Try following the following instructions:

  • Check the printer’s connection with the computer (is it perfect).
  • Check the data cable used.
  • Try replacing with another data cable,
  • Also check the driver used for the printer, whether it is suitable or not.
  • If necessary, update or reinstall the driver with the latest version that was officially released by the manufacturer of the printer.
  • Check whether the document or data you printed is damaged. Error reading data caused by damage to the data can result in incomplete prints or incomplete printed characters.
  • Make sure the page settings on the application you are using are correct.
  • Make sure you still have enough hard drive and memory capacity to write the data buffer.
  • Check whether your printer requires a maintenance procedure at a certain time.
    For certain types of printers, you may need to reset printer settings after a certain usage period.

Indicator Light Only Blinks and Continues When Given a Print Order

There are a number of possibilities that can cause this such as:

  • Cartridge printer has not been installed or has not been installed properly.
  • The installation position of the cartridge is not right.
  • Cartridge installed on the printer is not suitable for the printer.
  • There is no paper in the printer.
  • After the paper has been loaded has not been pressed the entry / resume button.
  • There is paper clogged (stuck) inside the printer.
  • Check that the printer “door” has been completely closed.

If possible there is nothing suitable to solve your problem, try to turn off the printer for a while and then turn it back on.

Paper Cannot Enter the Printer Correctly

If for example the printer can’t pull paper or paper it can’t enter, here’s the instructions and how to solve the problem:

  • Try to reload paper into the printer.
  • Set the switch to the choice of paper size according to its size (If there is one).
  • Check if the paper is in good condition, not wrinkled, folded or curled.
  • Check whether the paper size is the same for each sheet.
  • Check the possibility that too many sheets of paper are loaded.
  • Check for other paper clogged inside the printer.
  • Check that the printer’s ‘door’ is completely closed.

Paper Cannot Exit from Printer

Maybe you have experienced paper that can’t come out of the printer? To remove paper clogged (stuck) in the printer, the following steps can be done:

  • Turn off the Power Printer.
  • Disconnect the printer power cable from the connector (electrical socket).
  • Remove paper from the tray (If there is one).
  • Open the Printer Door.
  • If possible, remove the printer door by pulling the handle on both sides then lifting it up.
  • Open the paper separator (if there is one).
  • Hold the clogged paper on both sides and pull it out slowly.
  • After the paper has been successfully removed, close the paper separator again (If there is one).
  • Reinstall the printer door.
  • Close the printer door.
  • Insert paper into the tray and try printing again.

Those are some of the problems that often occur in Printers and also how to overcome them yourself. But if the repair is already above you / friend do the printer is still problematic, immediately bring it to the experienced printer service repairman.

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