How to find out if Canon cartridges are damaged

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Surely all of you already know the function of one of the spare parts / components in a printer called Catridge. Cartridge is the main thing that the printer needs because through these components each ink drips and forms every pattern of the image or text that you print. because of this important function we must know the procedures for caring for and using the printer correctly.

All types of printers from all printer brands certainly use cartridge components, such as printers on Canon printer brands, Epson Printers, and those that rely most on printing with cartridges are cellphone printers (hewlet-packard). indeed, all printers that are used have limitations in usage, such as the ink limits in the cartridge tank, and the number of pages printed.

Cartridge needs to be maintained because if the cartridge has a function problem from the printer it will stop and the printing process cannot be done. Surely all of you do not want it to happen to your printer ?? (read also: How to care for the Printer) well to overcome it you should know the signs of the cartridge are damaged, so you can prepare the best solution. Some signs of damage to the Canon printer cartridge

How to find out about a damaged Canon printer cartridge and start having problems

Signs – Signs that commonly occur in damaged cartridges

The printout is not full
Sometimes a Canon printer cartridge that has experienced a problem will show this, because the cartridge has already covered the print limit so that when you print a full page, only half of it is printed. sometimes even not printed at all

Find out through the Nozzle Check
Each printer has an additional system to find out the print conditions of the printer or what is often called a Nozzle Check (how to do a Nozzle Check) from doing a print command here will output the print from both cartridges. when the results come out are not perfect means the cartridge has a problem. common problems are like ink that dries due to lack of use, dust and dirt, lumpy ink, and more.

how to overcome it if the cartridge is still relatively new but has a problem
by doing head cleaning (how to do head cleaning).

Often experience Catridge unreadable
Sometimes when users use a normal printer cartridge suddenly it is not detected and read, this is a matter of caution because the cartridge you are using is already weak so it must be replaced with a new one. But you should try to clean the cartridge and clean it. the chip is inked.

Print intermittently.
When you find the printout coming out of the printer with stripes, it can also be a sign that the cartridge is damaged due to ink that does not come out due to dryness or clumping.

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