Here are 5 Ways to Clean the Infusion Printer Correctly

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For those of you who often do school work or work in the document section, of course it’s no stranger to printers. The printer is one of the computer components used to print documents. The types of printers also vary. some use cartridges and some use IVs.

Some people, especially for computer rental entrepreneurs, they prefer to use an infusion printer to run their business. Many advantages with using a printer type of infusion such as the ease of refilling ink to save in the replacement of a new cartridge.

Even so, it does not mean the infusion printer has never been damaged. Especially when charging new ink. Not infrequently the printer becomes dirty because of ink marks that accidentally contaminate the printer. Therefore, the following 5 steps need to be taken to properly clean the infusion printer.

1. Open the ink bottle hook on the printer

The first thing to do is to remove the ink bottle and put it down. It should be noted that try the ink bottle parallel to the printer. This is done so that the infusion bottle when cleaned is not easy to spill. To avoid potential ink spills, it is better to have one person holding the ink bottle part. however, if it’s only you, it’s better to put it on the printer. However, this is also too long because it can damage printer components.

2. Clean the ink with a damp cloth

The next step is to apply the dampened cloth using a cleaning liquid. However, in this section, you do not use too much cleaning liquid, or the cloth is completely wet. Because, it actually makes some printer components can be shorted. Keep the cloth moist.

If it is ready, then wipe the part of the printer affected by the remaining ink or parts that have dirt. Also, do not press too hard in this section because it can also damage important parts of the printer.

3. Clean the rolers section using a tissue

Rolers section is one of the important parts of a printer, each paper that is inserted into the printer results will come out of the rollers. Well, the part must also be cleaned. The trick is to use tissue. First unplug the power cable attached to the printer and also to the electrical part. After that open the printer so that the roller part will be visible. If there is still paper, remove the paper. After that, insert the tissue on the roller part repeatedly until you are sure the roller part is clean. If you are not satisfied, take the next tissue and do the same.

4. Do the Head Cleaning

The next way is to do Head Cleaning. The function of Head Cleaning is one way to overcome printer ink not flowing. In addition, Head cleaning can also be used to clean ink from the software side. For how to do it. First of all, enter the Control Panel then select Devices & Printers. After that, if there are many printers installed, choose the printer that you are cleaning.

If there is, right-click and choose Printer Properties. Later a pop-up will appear called Printer Properties. After that, click the maintenance tab or if your computer uses Indonesian, then choose the maintenance section. After that, you will see a lot of choices in doing printer maintenance. Choose Cleaning for cleaning ink in normal mode. If you want more confidence, then you can choose Deep Cleaning.

5. Always try cleaning the printer once a week

When we often use a printer on the table, we unconsciously also often ignore maintenance on the printer itself. Because, if you never take care of the printer, various impurities can stick to parts of the printer. Especially on the inside of the printer. Therefore, try every week once you often clean the printer as in the previous points.

After that, which ink you will appear will be cleaned. Choose all colors so that each ink can be cleaned and can also be smooth when needed. If it has been selected, then wait for the cleaning process carried out by the system. When the cleaning process is complete, the option will appear whether you want to see the print or not. We recommend that you choose a color check so you can find out whether the resulting color is good or not yet. After printing, look at the results of the ink produced. If the ink results are still broken, then cleaning is not perfect. Conversely, if the color of the ink is printed smoothly, then cleaning has succeeded.

Although the circulating printer brands vary, however, basically everything is the same when printer problems occur. Therefore, if you do it diligently and diligently, the problem of the printer you can solve without having to go to the printer service.

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