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The existence of printers is indeed very important in helping the work, even though now is the digital era where all data is “digitized” into a paperless system, printing data into physical form (paper) is still needed.

Therefore we must understand how to operate the printer, and no less importantly, we also need to know how to overcome printer errors, there is no harm in repairing the printer itself without always having to depend on technicians right? see the description.

Canon MP285 or Canon MP287 printer

1. E02 Error (Printer is Out of Paper)

This error tends to be easily overcome and usually occurs because the paper on the printer runs out, or if the paper is still there but this error message appears, you can try removing all the remaining blank paper from the printer then entering it again, because there is a possibility that this error message appears because the paper does not enter appropriately.

2. Error E03 (Paper Jam)

Same as E02 Error, which is a paper problem, but this error message arises because the incoming paper is usually stuck (stucked or jammed), to overcome this you can try several ways, including:

Remove all blank paper from the printer, including paper that is stuck, try not to pull it too hard because it can cause damage to the printer components, then reinsert the blank paper and restart the printer.

If the error message still appears, check if there is a foreign object that enters the paper roller so that the paper jams.
If the two methods above do not succeed, there is a possibility of damage to the paper roller or paper sensor located next to the paper roller.

3. Error E04 or E05 Error (Ink Cartridge cannot be recognized)

This error message occurs because of a problem with the Cartridge, usually the identification board Cartridge that is wet, dirty or may be damaged, to overcome this you can remove the Cartridge (all of them), clean the copper element (golden yellow) in the back with dry tissue, then put it back .

4. E07 error (Ink Cartridge is not installed in the correct position)

Almost the same as the previous error message, this error message arises because of a problem with the cartridge, usually caused by the incorrect position of the cartridge when installed, you can overcome it by removing the cartridge and then putting it back in the correct position.

If this error message still appears even though the cartridge has been installed correctly, then you need to reset the printer using special software, you can search through the Google search engine with the keyword “Canon MP285 MP287 Reseter”.

But be careful in downloading software like this because there is a possibility that the file you downloaded is infiltrated or (intentionally) infiltrated by a virus, making sure your antivirus works optimally and is updated.

5. Error E08 (Ink absorber is almost full)

In the printer with ink in the form of liquid (liquid), there is a foam that serves to absorb the ink that drips from the cartridge during the printing process, or maybe the ink spilled into the printer accidentally

Some printers do have a sensor to detect the volume of ink absorbed by the absorber, but this is often inaccurate, ideally you take apart your printer, remove the ink absorber (clean it up, foam) and clean it again.

But before this can be done, you can reset your printer first with a resetter software (which we discussed above), because there is a possibility that the ink absorber in the printer is not completely full, it’s just a calculation error (by the system on the printer).

6. E13 Error or E16 Error (Ink has run out)

The ink runs out or is almost gone, but if you believe there is still a lot of ink in the printer cartridge, or maybe it has not been filled up recently, you can try pressing the STOP / RESUME button on the printer until the indicator (small display on the printer) shows number 1.

7. P02 Error (Cartridge Error)

This error message occurs because of a problem with the cartridge, usually because there is a foreign object that goes into a dirty rolller or encoder, the encoder is a cartridge path in the form of a mica plastic that runs from the left end to the right end inside the printer.

The encoder is prone to being dirty by ink splashes when charging or during printing, if the encoder is dirty then it should be revoked immediately then cleaned, or maybe it is also caused by the board on the cartridge being dirty.

Canon MG2500 printer

1. Error 1000

This error message appears because the paper on the tray runs out, how to fix it is by inserting paper in the tray (back) then pressing the reset button until the printer turns on as usual.

2. Error 1203

This error message arises because the printer cover opens while the printing process is still ongoing, some printers, especially Canon, do not allow users to open the printer cover when the printing process takes place because it will shift the cartridge to recovery position.

The recovery position is used to pull out the cartridge or fill the ink, if your printer experiences such an error, how to fix it is enough to close the printer cover and then press the reset button.

3. Error 1300

This error message is actually the same as paper jam, the reason being that paper is stuck on the output roller, or there may be a foreign object causing the paper to get stuck.

The fix, make sure the printer is turned off first, remove the paper that is stuck carefully, try not too hard because it can cause printer components to be damaged, make sure there are no foreign objects left in it, then turn on the printer as usual.

4. Error 1687, Error 1401, Error 1403, or Error 1485

This error message shows a problem with the cartridge, usually the cartridge is not installed correctly, the solution is to remove the cartridge and then put it back together and make sure this time is installed correctly.

5. Error 1684

Reset the printer by pressing the reset button and holding it for approximately 5 seconds, usually the printer will process and turn on as usual, but if the error message still appears, consider replacing the cartridge with a new one because the possibility of the cartridge is damaged or no longer compatible with printer.

Actually the methods above do not only apply to Canon printers, if we recognize the error message that is displayed and understand the meaning then we will know what caused the printer error, and the methods above can be applied to almost all printers, good luck.

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